Each consultants has a consulting company focused on their areas of expertise which
    extends the group's presence around the globe.

    The institute was founded in 2007 by Jim Gould, with the vision to create an
    independent resource for the industry that would help companies and people  
    improve their businesses, create new partnerships and business solutions, and find
    new markets and channels for their products.

    Since forming the institute, several industry experts with a variety of backgrounds
    and experiences have joined to expand the options and resources available to our
    clients. We now have consultants on the ground in Europe, North America and South

    Strategic areas of focus include mergers and acquisitions, international
    business, market development, product sourcing, traditional and non traditional
    marketing including social marketing, brand management, distribution, logistics,
    claims and complaint prevention, retail including luxury markets, trouble shooting and
    best practices across many disciplines.

    Our strategic analysis includes determining your strength and weaknesses
    and that of your competition through competitive analysis. We will help position your
    products and company in the global market and guide you through the business
    planning process.

    Our perspective is global.  Economic changes, fluctuations in currencies, cost
    and availability of raw materials, political and cultural changes, environmental policies,
    technology and innovation  - they all affect floor covering markets around the world.   

    Our clients are manufacturers, retailers, buying groups, logistics providers,
    distributors, raw material suppliers, associations, investment bankers and
    governments. We have clients in the U.S., China, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

    Wall street and investment bankers consult us often looking for insight into the
    industry and it's major players.

    Attorneys hire us to give expert testimony and advice.

    Foreign manufacturers use us to find new channels for their products in the  U.S.,
    while U.S. manufacturers hire us to do market assessments abroad, find strategic
    partners and sources for new products.

    We help retailers improve their profit margins by finding margin leaks and identifying
    ways to improve business disciplines.

Hiring the Institute.

Business Planning
Competitive Analysis
Product Positioning
Market Development
Brand Development
Product Development

Mergers & Acquisitions

Product Sourcing

Inventory Control
Claims Resolutions
Customer Service

Brand Development
Traditional Marketing
Social Marketing
Luxury Marketing

Market Studies
Media Relations
Key Note Speakers
Expert  Testimony
Executive Recruiting

All Product Categories and
All Market Segments
including the Luxury
About Us
There is no other consulting group with our breadth of
experience in the floor covering industry.
We are the only independent consulting group founded from within the industry
for the industry.
    You may hire Jim Gould or any of the consultants by contacting them directly. Many
    clients prefer to contact Jim Gould who will help determine how best to utilize the
    resources of the institute, depending upon the type and scope of the project and
    the expertise needed.  The method of charging consulting fees is determined by
    the needs of the client and the complexity of the project.  Fees can be charged on
    a daily rate, by the project or by monthly or long-term retainer agreements, or a
    combination. Occasionally hourly rates are charged if appropriate.

    To discuss a potential project with Jim Gould please contact him directly through
    email at jgould@floorcoveringinstitute.com or call his office at 314-912-7770. To
    contact our member consultants directly please go to the consultants' page for
    their contact information.
    The Floor Covering
    Institute is an
    independent voice and
    supporter of the flooring

    Our mission is to create
    new opportunities and
    synergies for our clients
    and provide strategic
    solutions, especially
    during crisis situations.

    Our consultants are
    experts from within the
    floor covering industry
    with broad executive and
    hands on experience
    running floor covering
    businesses . . .  from
    distributors to
    manufacturers, buying
    groups and retail stores.

    We are business
    marketers, brand
    managers, and thought
    leaders recognized by our
    industry as experts in our

    Our network extends
    around the globe with
    consultants based in the
    US, Eurpe and South

    We know so many people
    in the industry it would
    be hard to bring us a
    problem we could not
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Email:  info@floorcoveringinstitute.com  Ph 314-991-7770   12 Woodbridge Manor Road  St. Louis, MO 63141